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If I ever got famous for writing something, it’d be a translation of the feeling of pronoia turning into paranoia, or vice versa. It’s this feeling that’s like… always hanging out on the outskirts of my mind, bumming cigarettes and busking out there, you know? And sometimes it gets up the money to go into the city of my mind and it performs there in the comedy clubs, and the people, they just eat that shit up, and it’s a good time until everyone gets sick of him and they throw him back outta town. And this feeling is always the same, paranoia or pronoia, but it’s awful, it grips my whole body and there’s this feeling, like I just know all these problems I’m having aren’t real, but they’re there and these delusions I’m having aren’t real and I know they aren’t real but boy oh boy am I going to have to have to learn to live with the fact that while they were happening they were real, they were real to me and I have to live with the fact that I had these ideas. Sometimes while in the grips of these feelings that haunt me, they change. I go from imagining all this horrible shit, that every single fucking blade of grass is staring at me in their own right, and it changes, it goes from the grass eyeing me nervously, waiting for me to pull a fucking knife, to loving me, and the grass is still there and it’s staring but now they’re hiding rainbows and unicorns, they love me, these blades of grass, and they want me to be happy, and all this bubbly fucking nonsense boils over and I’m filled with joy so sweet it hurts, it makes me sick, and now even I’m vomiting rainbows. We’re all vomiting rainbows together, and it is, in fact, together that we will go down in history as happy people that everything went right for. It sucks. It sucks and I feel sick.

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What is a Derivative

US Government

Read More About Terry Sacka on whether The US Dollar Collapse is something to take notice

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Mortgage collapse 2008

European Banks

Read the story of Cornerstone on Hidden Money Secrets and Seven Stages of Empire

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Punk music has become favorites music for pretty much all people on the planet. It's become well-known music genre since it isn't segmented, easy soulful and listening.

Jazz includes a lengthy history of development. Now it is became an international music sector and it is started in New Orleans and has a great deal of fan supporters. The next overviews here are brief details about the growth of the punk from your past until this time that is present. Who creates it and in addition diverse variety of punk, verify this out!

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Ella Fitzgerald

Diana Krall

Punk music is becoming favorites music for pretty much each of people on earth. Because it isn't segmented, easy-listening and soulful, it is become popular music type.

Punk has a long history of growth. Now it's turned an international music industry and it is initiated in New Orleans and it has a lot of nut fans. The following overviews below are short information regarding the growth of the jazz in the past until this present time. Who produces also and it various style of punk, examine this out!

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